foursevens rogic

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The End

The week break i was supposed to take ended up being two weeks. It gave me some time to think about the future of DayPhoto, and I have decided to end this project.

I had a great time with this photoblog. Forcing myself to shoot and post every single day for 7 months was quite an experience, and left me a visual record of a very special period of my life. But lately i have found myself caring less and less about the project during the day and less satisfied about the images i was posting. It was starting to become a burden, and that's not what i had in mind when i started.

I have some new projects in mind already; nothing for sure yet but i will definetly start something in the near future. I'll be posting a link here, so keep checking this from time to time.

And last, but most certanly not least, thanks to everyone who left comments, and supported and encouraged me.